Both artist and artisan, Angie Laugel seamlessly combines aesthetic and function into every work of art she creates — from her freshwater pearl and leather jewelry to her functional ceramics and encaustic paintings.

Angie Laugel Artist

An accomplished artist, Angie’s trademark style shines through every piece she creates, with designs that transcend beyond traditional, while maintaining the sophistication and classic simplicity that defines her timeless, elegant approach. By carefully hand-selecting every pearl used in her pieces, Angie guarantees quality and value as she crafts lasting works-of-art.

Using only the finest natural materials — from freshwater pearls to leather and other materials — Angie maintains a strict standard of quality to ensure every piece she creates is not only beautiful, but made to use and made to last.

When you purchase an Angie Laugel original, you are choosing the highest quality construction in a piece that is one-of-a-kind and hand-made.

A native of southern Indiana, Angie credits her faith and her family as the driving force behind her creative spirit. Boundlessly optimistic, she draws inspiration from nature and has a gift for seeing the beauty in life’s most unexpected places.